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Hong Kong was always a brilliant, Bustling town, but because the British returned the territory to China in 1997 it has undergone an unbelievable change. Business boomed during the first decade of this new millennium, but a more important change was in the culture as the Chinese way of life returned with a vengeance. Today you will get a pleasantly unusual mixture of cultures bouncing off one another, from high-income businessmen working all hours at the city’s towering skyscrapers, to the Cantonese dealers in road level selling everything from chicken feet to high end electronic equipment in Hong Kong’s busy markets. If you would like the memories of your visit to Hong Kong to endure a life you need to soak in as much of the jarring resistance as possible. Enjoy the finer things in the city’s innumerable high-class restaurants prior to delving into the seedy underbelly of Kowloon for a few cut price deals.

things to do in hong kong

Watch Hong Kong From Above in the Peak

While Most Hong Kong citizens audience into enormous apartment blocks to the north of town, the elite end their way up the steep roads to the maximum point on Hong Kong Island. This exclusive neighborhood stands apart from the town, and its blessed citizens enjoy clean air and amazing views of the islands to the south. Visitors to Hong Kong can enjoy these views by grabbing the historical Peak Tram, a funicular railway that crawls up the side of the island to Victoria Peak. At the top you will discover several vast viewing terraces atop a modern department store that boasts many shops, restaurants and cafes. To The north the view is unforgettable. On a clear day the entire city could be seen, by the skyscrapers of the city to the hills of the New Territories to the north. To the south you will see a view few people get to enjoy, of countless islands evaporating in the haze across a glistening sea.

Worship the Big Buddha

If you venture out to Lantau Island accessible by taxi, ferry or metro you will find one of hidden miracles. Sat atop Lantau is the largest sitting Buddha statue in the world, and despite the long trip out to Lantau you won’t regret the attempt. The Buddha and neighboring Po Lin monastery are attained by a 5.7km cable car ride from the bottom of the island. The ride takes you over hills and mountains, and those brave enough can now travel in a glass-bottomed automobile that provides spectacular views of the island.

Experience the Real Hong Kong Travel Journey

If you choose and just adhere to the normal tourist attractions of things to do in hong kong, wandering through the markets and enjoying the endless variety of meals at the cafes, restaurants and street stalls. However, for a true adventure you need to be brave and venture out beyond the tourist areas.

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