Why There Are Some People That Don’t Want To Invest In Bitcoin

Even if the world has already reached 2019, there is still a large talk about bitcoin investments. This is because. Despite the success of bitcoin in recent years, it still hasn’t been a currency that is easily understood. Because of this, there are various fears and horror stories about bitcoin, like it was originally made for the dark web and so on.

But if you learned about bitcoin, you will soon realize that its actually not as bad as you would have thought and most horror stories about it (if not all) are not true. Except if you lost your key though because will really be a true horror story since that is the only way that you can access your bitcoin. But aside from that, you should know that most horror stories about it are not true.

Bitcoin is not safe:

Bitcoin is not safe, that is because the transactions are untraceable and this is the reason why there are a lot of fraudulent activities with bitcoin. What you should know is that bitcoin has what they call as a blockchain. Every transaction is connected to each other and there are no transactions that bypass it because its the only way to get bitcoins out there from point A to point B.

Bitcoin is unregulated:

Most people that have doubts with bitcoin has mostly the reason of bitcoin not being regulated. This is not exactly true. Although bitcoin doesn’t have a regulating body its algorithms have put it in order from the transfers and the creation of new bitcoins, everything is controlled, regulated and tracked. It’s a fixed system.

How much is one bitcoin

 Bitcoin doesn’t even have an owner!

Some people will tell you that bitcoin is such a mystery that the world doesn’t even know who really invented it. Well… that might be the fact, and there are various conspiracies about it on who actually made it. Bitcoin might not have any known inventors and so on, but isn’t it the point of creating it?

Bitcoin as far as the inventor might be shrouded in mystery, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not a good currency to get. It’s actually a really good one as far as safety and regulations are concerned. If that got your interest and you’re wondering just how much is one bitcoin today, it’s already worth $5,071.07, think about that!